Kitchenetal Design Plus

KDP is a Kitchen and Bathroom company that brings an outstanding team to execute all design and remodeling jobs for homeowners. Our designers, and builders are invaluable when it comes to technical knowledge, product supply, and the supervisions required in the planning and development of today’s stylish residential kitchens and bathrooms.

At KDP, happy clients speak volumes about us, which drives our obsession towards quality. We value your opinion and that means you come 1st… Our versatility, international training and advancement in technology make us unique among others.

Our 3 Steps Process

Initial Phone Consultation

To get an Idea of your project and schedule an in-home consultation with you. Send us pictures of your existing kitchen, Bathroom, or Basement and your Ideas.

In-Home Consultation

For a fee, we will visit the project site, review the scope of the work and discuss related items and design Ideas with you. (Fee may be waved in most cases)

Design Agreement

Provide a unique design for your project based on your brief. All plans will be released to the client. Should you buy Cabinets from us, 50% of the agreed design fees will be credited towards your Cabinetry.

Our Vision

To become one of the top global leaders in Complete Kitchen Design and Bathroom design solutions for inspired living. To deliver desirable, value for money products and an extraordinary customer experience based on a true understanding of our client’s needs.